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>> Friday, March 5, 2010

I came across Sevi when looking for a toothbrush timer for my family and boy was I impressed.

Sevi was founded in Italy in 1831. It is associated with the oldest European toy company that produced wooden toys!! Sevi was around when it all started and has continued to stay innovative, eco-friendly and personal in the developing toy market.

"It uses tradition, hand in hand with innovation and research in design and production, to always offer products with the highest intrinsic quality and value. Sevi also wishes to protect our environment: the varnishes used are non-toxic."

Ok, so now that we know a bit about Sevi, let's look at what first attracted me to them in the first place - their adorable toothbrush timers.

Sevi offers many different styles of children's toothbrush timers, to fit many different decorating styles. While I think a child may outgrow these adorable designs pretty early in life, they are an extremely cute start to a life of dental hygiene.

Sevi also offers colorful wooden timeless toys which impressed me, I think even more than the toothbrush holders. I love the magical creative wooden block set (pictured on the right) and also the pull along toy on the left. I love the international cultural flavor of the Marajah pull along toy. Sevi also offers a cowboy pull along toy and an arab Tuareg.

There are not a lot of reviews on Sevi toys as they are mainly international. These would be my questions/concerns.
- Is the timer functional? Does it stay up easily or fall back down?

- Love the company history!!
- Love the company philosophy.
- Love the bright colors of the toys.
- Really liked a lot of their educational toys - very creative.
- Love that it is eco-friendly and care is taken to use non toxic materials!

{ BUY IT }
Purchase Sevi products, here.

Browse the Sevi website, here. (There will be an option to choose your language after the intro)


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