Carolyn's Kitchen Apron Review

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carolyn's Kitchen creates vintage-inspired aprons in a flirty, sexy and fun way.

I was given the opportunity to review the Dorothy Apron in yellow from Carolyn's Kitchen.

This apron made me conjure up thoughts of "I Love Lucy," making Christmas cookies and entertaining guests.

I wasn't sure that I would like the black vertical and horizontal stripes, but in person I absolutely love the style. I actually wear this apron quite often and it never fails to make me feel like a flirty, fun homemaker. My husband finds it sexy, I feel like I'm playing house (instead of grinding away at the real thing). It's a win-win situation. And even just hanging it in my kitchen makes me feel like a better caretaker of the home.


The only negative on the apron is that the pocket is not sewn on. This apron is made to be decorative and stylish instead of extremely functional.

My biggest pet peeve with Carolyn's Kitchen is with the website (which has been revamped since I last visited it). While I feel these aprons can definitely be worn to increase sex appeal, I am uncomfortable with the amount of skin shown by the models hi-lighted on the headings of the website. I think the gallery is much more representative of the variety of ways women can wear this product.

As alluded to earlier, Carolyn's Kitchen Apron is extremely versatile. It can be worn for everyday use, as a costume at Halloween or a Murder Mystery Party or it can be worn with the purpose of inspiring romance. It will fit older children and be flattering on women of differing body types. Carolyn's Kitchen aprons come in over 30 styles!

I really feel like Carolyn found a great niche between flirty, fun and vintage. She has succeeded in bringing a little bit of whimsy into my kitchen and I highly recommend this product.

{ BUY IT }
Purchase the Dorothy Apron in yellow from Carolyn's Kitchen for $39.95.

Purchase complimentary gloves here, for $22-$24.

**I received this product through a promotional giveaway at Angela's Bits.


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